A call for bold solutions to drive an equitable future.

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Oct. 2020 - Jul. 2022


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Racial Equity 2030 was born in a unique moment of urgency. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation sought to honor its 90th anniversary while building on its longstanding commitment to racial justice. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with uprisings for racial justice that began in the United States and spread across the globe, laid bare the inequities of health, wealth, and opportunity around the world. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation recognized that meeting the demands of the moment, while also transforming the status quo, would require big, bold, and new ideas – and opening up to organizations that may previously have fallen outside the bounds of traditional American grantmaking.


We designed a challenge that was among our largest – ultimately exceeding 100&Change in its participation. The application was open to organizations of all types and all sizes, from anywhere in the world, led by teams guided by lived experience and led by communities closest to the issue. This required thinking carefully about how to communicate the goals of the challenge, given that racial equity has specific connotations within the United States, but may have different implications in other parts of the world. In its global context, Racial Equity 2030 ultimately sought to advance equity within hierarchies, structures, policies, systems and practices of dehumanization that perpetuate disparities for racial and ethnic groups. Depending on local conditions, barriers to that vision could be rooted in perceived racial difference and/or in oppression tied to ethnicity, caste or economic injustice.  
Emphasizing that this challenge was an opportunity to take risks and innovate, we also invited communities to put forward early-to-mid stage ideas. Formal studies showing success were not required - applicants could instead share observations and other indicators of change as defined by their community that gave them confidence their ideas would work.

Unique Challenges 

With racial equity attracting such broad interest from around the globe – more than 1,400 eligible applications were submitted from more than 70 countries – the Peer Review process offered a particularly exciting opportunity for exchange and learning. However, managing such a large field of participants was not without its challenges. We scheduled additional informational and training webinars throughout the process and allocated considerable time to supporting participants with email and phone reminders, as well as technical assistance.  

Program Overview

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Oct. 2020 - Jul. 2022



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A call for bold solutions to drive an equitable future.

Racial Equity 2030

at a Glance

An overview of the numbers behind the initiative.


Game-changing ideas with unique approaches and solutions.



Solutions that made it through multiple rounds of evaluation.



Subject matter experts that review and give feedback to all valid applications.


Geo Areas

Participating countries represented through the solutions submitted.



Submitting valid applications that quite literally change the world.



Finding the best solutions that fit the competition's requirements.

The Results

The amazing solutions from
Racial Equity 2030
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Overcoming Environmental Racism by Knowing, Using, and Shaping Law

Equiping frontline communities with the power of law, so they can protect their own well-being and, ultimately, make systems of environmental governance more equitable.

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Partners in Development Foundation

Kawailoa: A Transformative Indigenous Model to End Youth Incarceration

Replacing youth incarceration with a Native Hawaiian restorative system that trains youth and empowers community.

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Indian Law Resource Center

Indigenous Lands Initiative: Securing Land Ownership Rights for Indigenous Communities

Building an indigenous-led institution that provides essential technical and legal assistance to help Indigenous peoples secure ownership of their lands.

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Communities United

Healing Through Justice: A Community-Led Breakthrough Strategy for Healing-Centered Communities

A youth-led movement for healing to make breakthroughs in supporting and sustaining community-led approaches to healing-centered communities.

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Building an Anti-Racist Public Education System in Brazil

Working together to transform the Brazilian school network into the world’s first anti-racist education system.

The Results in Action

Seeing the results produce results.
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