Introducing the Finalists for the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge

March 8, 2021

The Equality Can’t Wait Challenge announced 10 projects that will move on to the final stage of the competition.

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge (which will award $40 million to help expand women’s power and influence in the United States by 2030) announced 10 projects that will move on to the final stage of the competition.

Selected from a pool of more than 550 applications from nearly every state in the country, these Finalists propose a variety of bold solutions: from advocating for caregiving infrastructure; to increasing pathways for the next generation of women to advance in key sectors like technology, public office, and media; to supporting the rights of Black women in the South; to advancing economic empowerment for Indigenous women and survivors of intimate violence.

We are proud to support this important campaign with our partners at Lever for Change and some truly amazing donors-sponsors. Learn more about them and meet each of the Finalists at:

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