NASA Partners with Carrot

June 16, 2021

To support future missions, NASA seeks to advance observation capabilities using adaptive, distributed, heterogeneous networks of spacecraft, suborbital, and ground-based sensors working cooperatively.

NASA TechLeap Prize
Last week, Carrot launched an exciting new platform for NASA. The NASA TechLeap Prize is a central portal for hosting multiple challenge competitions that support mission-critical goals. Participants respond to each challenge by submitting plans for specific technologies and then compete to build payloads. NASA intends to award suborbital flight tests to Winners. To learn more, visit: ​

Small Spacecraft Innovation
The first competition under the NASA TechLeap Prize is the Autonomous Observation Challenge No. 1. Competitors must develop small satellite observation technologies that can autonomously detect, locate, track, and collect data both on Earth and beyond. How cool is that?

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Connectivity Challenge

A grant to drive innovation in landscape connectivity in North America.

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