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Requests for Proposals
Requests for Proposals
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Prizes & Challenges
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Crowdsourcing Contests

Tailored services for proposal-based programs.

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Program Design
A seasoned team of experts will build your program from end-to-end
Program Branding
Our award winning designers will create a bespoke identity and website
Program Development
We configure our software platform to match your Program Design
Program Management
From launch to announcing results, we support day-to-day operations
Cascading web browsers with different competitions
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organizations on the planet

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Additional investments over initial $100M commitment
Saved in administrative cost
3 Months
Produced 34 meaningful solutions
94 Teams
Tackling 8 solution areas in Southwestern Pennsylvania
74 Nations
Participated with project spanning 6 continents
45 Partners
Celebrating 21 Laureates

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