Jaison Morgan: Keynote Speaker

The world's expert in designing prizes and challenge competitions that drive innovative breakthroughs.
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What We'll Cover
How to Use Incentives to Engage New Talent and Solve Problems

Our world is changing fast, which means the old ways of solving problems won’t cut it. How can you speed up the problem-solving process while making sure you’ve sourced the best solution? Run a competition. Offer incentives that are designed to attract new talent who can deliver groundbreaking solutions. Rewrite the script - replace outdated procurement practices, traditional grant-making, and costly corporate R&D. You can mobilize a targeted audience that is ready to overcome your challenges, but you only pay for results. In this session, you will learn from the world’s leading expert, and you will understand how transparency, fairness, and openness accelerate effective problem-solving and generate unexpected benefits for your cause or company.

Topics from this Session

  • How fair and open competition can solve problems faster, while delivering unexpected benefits.
  • How to apply complex theories of economics and behavior sciences to meet your specific needs.
  • How the emerging field of open innovation is quickly becoming more accessible and attractive.
Where Jaison Has Been Invited to Speak
Sample Speaking Engagements
Creating Innovation with Prizes
Explore the history of prizes and how incentives have been used over the past 500+ years to induce new and transformative technical breakthroughs that have improved the world in both common and game-changing ways.
BBC Radio Interview
Office of the First Minister of Scotland
Hear how the Government of Scotland has used prizes to address common concerns around climate change and clean energy, harnessing an age-old approach to generate new age technologies that are specific to local needs.
A Social Enterprise At Work
Evolve Podcast
Learn how one founder sought to build a company that delivers both purpose and profit. The culture of start-up companies is fraught with obstacles, but those challenges are even greater when your aim also includes benefiting humanity.
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